14-08-2023 Mimi and Ink arrive

Today we have the pleasure to receive two intern students from Thailand. Thanatchaya and Varissara welcome to the Netherlands and to our lab! We hope you will have a good and productive time here learning about science but also about all the nice things our university and city, country, has to offer.

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24-08-2023 Joram’s APC paper accepted

Today we heard that the manuscript describing the design of APC variants that can cleave histones in a better and more safe way was accepted in JTH. This was a long and tedious project, as reflected by the many authors who made a contribution, but finally Joram managed to get it published. Congrats to all!

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03-07-2023 Kanin gives an excellent presentation

At the IDP Community F2F/hybrid meeting held on 3 and 4 July in Bratislava (SK) Kanin had a very succesfull presentation explaining how an intrinsically disordered protein like histones can be targeted. Response form the audience was very good and it means our lab is now a member of the IDP/Elixir community with Kanin as MC member.

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15-5-2023 Gwen starts her PhD

today Gwen has started her PhD. After first having worked with us as a Master student, rudely interrupted by the Corona pandemic, Gwen decided to return to our group and start a PhD on the topic of NETs, histones, PAD4 in health and disease.

Good luck for the coming years Gwen and enjiy the ride!

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03-11-2022 More publications

This week was a very successfull one, with 2 papers accepted, one where Femke and Joram did a real good job in bringing together all data on the involvement of extracellular histones in COVID-19 and one where we investigated glycocalix degradation during coronary artery bypass grafting, together with our colleagues at the ICU.

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27-10-2022 NSBM Meeting 2022

After having experienced te Corona-pandemic and the inevitable consequences for organizing meetings, a next NSBM Meeting was held in collaboration with our Belgian friends from Brussels, as organized by Prof. Wim Vrancken of the VUB in Brussels, Belgium.

The meeting was titled:

Structural bioinformatics beyond AlphaFold2

location: U-residence aan de VUB (Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussel)

There will be 3 sessions:  
1 – “Large scale AlphaFold2 analyses” – Christine Orengo, UCL, UK

2 – “Probabilistic approaches and representing conformational variability” – Max Bonomi, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

3 – “Proteomics & protein structure” – Ron Heere, M4I, UM, NL

Gert Vriend’s last European scientific appearance?
Hessel Poelman in action
Christine Orengo
Excellent presentation by Ron Heeren
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