20-3-2020 Danielles PhD defense

Today we were supposed to have Danielle’s PhD defense. Already postponed once, again Danielle can not defend her thesis today due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are very sorry, since she prepared so well.

Certainly, when all has settled she will have a new opportunity to show her skills and expertise and we will especially have a good reason then to celebrate the new doctor!

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23-12-2019 Major Hack targeted at University

Today the Maastricht University was targeted by a major hack that resulted in a shut-down of all computer systems, This very disturbing situation lasted until the middle of January. It had big consequences for staff and students of our organisation who were unable to use e-mail nor internet.

NEVER open any mail/attachment from unknown senders!

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09-10-2019 Third co-authorship for Danielle

In a study that was conducted with our colleagues from the ICU at the Maastricht UMC, and in particular Martine Bol, unders upervision of Macel van de Poll and Jan Willem Sels, we received word from “Shock” that our paper was accepted for publication.

We very much sherish the collaboration and look forward to our future work together.

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