09-12-’21 PhD defense Song

Today Song (Xiaosong) defended her thesis, and as with everything, she did this in style and very well.

Due to the Corona pandemic sadly she and the committee members could not be therein person, but nonetheless it was a very special and solemn moment for all of us, and for Song in particular.

Those who missed it, there is still a chance to have a look at it, as the ceremony was recorded and can now be found on Youtube:

All the best to you Song, we will certainly miss you but look forward to seeing you again in the future.

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19-08-21 Joram’s second paper on COVID-19 accepted

Today we received a message from Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol. that our manuscript on the analysis of COVID-19 patient samples was accepted for publication.

It is again a nice work that would not have been established without the help of our colleagues from Spain and Sweden, thanks all for your efforts and most of all congrats to Joram and Femke.

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13-07-’21 Joram’s Magnum Opus accepted

Today we received confirmation that Joram’s first major manuscript, on the involvement of NETs in COVID-19 was accepted for publication in Scientific Reports. Many thanks to our collaborators from Sweden and Spain! It was quite a difficult ride to have the manuscript, at this times of the pandemic, published. Nonetheless, it’s there now!

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29-01-2021 PhD Defense Johana

Today Johana defended her thesis and did so extremely well! We are very proud of her, given the difficult circumstances (Corona, online-defense, no family or friends around…). We will most certainly ceise the opportunity to celebrate this major event when this will be possible again.

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07-04-2021 Interns welcome!

Today 6 new interns started their internship:
Jonathan, Famke, Diego and Wouter will do a bachelor internship, while Lisa will start her Master internship.
Elisa, working with Ingrid will join our meetings as well as her topic will be crossing the border between peptide-synthesis and structure-bioinformatics.

Welcome and learn as much as you can, despite the measures we have to adhere to due to the Corona pandemic!

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