02-05-2018 Two papers in one day!

Today we heard that both Hessel and Bogac managed to have manuscripts accepted through collaborative studies we performed with the groups of Oliver Soehnlein in Munich and with Karen Vanhorelbeke in Kortrijk:

Chrono-pharmacological targeting of the CCL2-CCR2 axis ameliorates atherosclerosis
Winter, C., Silvestre-Roig, C., Ortega-Gomez, A., Lemnitzer, P., Poelmann, H., Schumski,A., Winter, J., Drechsler, M., de Jong, R., Immler, R., Sperandio, M., Hristov, M., Zeller, T., Nicolaes, G.A.F., Weber, C., Viola, J.R., Hidalgo, A., Scheiermann, C., Soehnlein, O.
to be published in
Cell Metabolism

Child-onset thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura caused by p.R498C and p.G259PfsX133 mutations in ADAMTS13.
Schelpe A., Orlando C., Ercig B., Geeroms C., Pareyn I., Vandeputte N., Velásquez P., Leydi C.,  Roose E., Fostier K., Nicolaes G., Deckmyn H., De Meyer S., Vanhoorelbeke K., Jochmans K.
to be published in the European Journal of Haematology

great news of course, congratulations!!

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