Welcome at the homepage of the 3D Structure-Function unit of the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht.
We are based within the department of Biochemistry, part of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of the Maastricht University.

Our research focusses on deciphering the 3D structure-function relationships of biologically relevant proteins and
on the translation of structure-function data into novel diagnostics and therapeutics.

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bbIllustration from our latest paper in Nature:
Externalized histone H4 orchestrates chronic inflammation by inducing lytic cell death
by Carlos Silvestre-Roig, Quinte Braster, Kanin Wichapong,….., Gerry A.F. Nicolaes, Gerard C. L. Wong, Oliver Soehnlein (2019) Nature May;569(7755):236-240
In this paper we have combined the forces between our lab, working on extracellular histones, and that of Prof. Oliver Soenhlein in Munich and discovered specific pathways that are involved in the cell death occuring after myocardial infarction, moreover we provide a novel therapeutic peptide, specifically targeting this pathway